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1.) VISA: 

It almost goes without saying that you will need a valid Passport ID to travel abroad and more importantly, return to the states.  WHAT YOU MAY NOT KNOW is that you will need a Chinese Tourist Visa.  Also called an L Visa.  The Good News is that your Visa lasts for ten years now! 

DO NOT DELAY.  As time nears the date of the trip, you will want all your paperwork in place for stress-free travel.  It may be worth the extra fee to expedite your papers and have them in hand ASAP.

You have TWO OPTIONS here. 

If you live near a Chinese Embassy or Consulate you can get your Visa directly by dropping it off and picking it up there. (Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles)  There may be lines and some of you may not live near one of these services.

Your other option is to use a VISA SERVICE that specializes in getting visas.  You will fill out their application form and send your passport to them.  They will get you your Visa and send you back your passport.  This costs a little more but is very convenient as you don’t have to leave home.  They also have rush service available.    My favorite Is CITS.   They offer us 20$ discount on their visa service.  Just tell Frank you are with Nourishing Life.   VISA APPLICATION INFORMATION

It is important to have an itinerary to include with your visa application.  Do not hesitate to buy your airline tickets as soon as you are committed.  It will only get more expensive and harder to book as time draws closer!  If you need a “simulated” travel itinerary to expedite your visa process, you can use the travel itinerary that is given to you BEFORE you check out from some on-line booking agents like travelocity or expedia.


Below are the two hostels we will be occupying during our stay. Pick ONE of the addresses to list on your VISA APPLICATION. 

YOU DO NOT NEED the requested “Invitation Letter”.

  •  Lost Garden Hostel  7 Huanggong E St, Wuhua, Kunming, Yunnan, China Kunming
  • Upland International Youth Hostel  92号 Huashan W Rd, Wuhua, Kunming, Yunnan, China, 650031

Room Preference:  You will be staying at 1 of these 2 different hostels, located in walking distance to the park where we train each morning, as well as tea shops, restaurants, souvenirs shops and a beautiful lake park teeming with local culture.  Please respond as to whether you want a Shared room and if you already have a partner, or if you would prefer a Single room for privacy, for an additional fee of $300 American.


You will want to arrive in Kunming on the 2nd of September  (09/02/16) and Depart on the evening of September 13th (09/13/16). 

This means you will LEAVE YOUR HOME no later than the1st (09/01/16) as you loose a day in the travel. 

I will provide an AIRPORT SHUTTLE at 6:00pm on the 2nd of September. 

If you arrive at another time and need to be picked up separately, the hostel has a pick service available for a fee.  I can help you arrange that. 

It will cost roughly $75 American dollars to arrange this private pick up, so to save your spending dough, arrive in time to meet me at the airport. 

(ask Carri about her previous arrival experience to learn what NOT to do.)


Remember food will range from about 15-25 USD per day and you may want to bring some extra money to buy tea, Chinese herbs, traditional kung fu clothing, and other local specialties. We will be visiting our favorite seamstress who hand-makes incredible hemp Taoist clothing, the “Gi” traditionally worn for practice. Roughly 40-50 USD will secure you a one of a kind treasure custom fit and colored for you. 

You can exchange American currency using your passport at the airport or at most banks in China.  It is more economical to change cash in China because there is no fee for the service. Please check current exchange rates before you travel to be sure you are getting the proper value for your dollar.  If you want some RMB in your pocket for arrival, you can have your bank exchange currency for you before you leave, but you may need to call ahead if you live in a small city where Chinese currency is not often requested.  CURRENCY CALCULATOR


Our best recommendations for what to bring, check it once, and check it twice.  Updates have been made since its original publication.  PACKING LIST


Get to know your fellow travelers and sync up travel schedules.  This page is dedicated to those with serious interest in attending, and all the details are being updated here by our Wu Ambassador (or “badassador”) Carri. FACEBOOK GROUP for JOURNEY TO CHINA:

Once you REGISTER, with a deposit, let me know your room preference, address, and full name as it appears on your passport.  I’ll be following up with some ADDITIONAL RESOURCES such as Chinese lessons, Wu-style videos for practice, and audio meditation tracks, all designed to help you enjoy and integrate your CHINA experience.  These awesome tools will help you to get started fertilizing your soil for our adventure.